The 5th Annual Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium (EALS) will be here soon – April 15, 2012!

Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium | Connecting Today’s Arts with Tomorrow’s Leaders.

EALS is an annual meeting for young professionals working in the arts and is organized, executed, and run by Arts Management students at American University in Washington, DC.  It is an opportunity to discuss the issues that affect arts organizations, unique or universal, with students, peers, and experienced professionals.


See also: 2012 EALS Schedule, 2012 EALS Speakers

  • Plenary Speaker: Chad Bauman
  • Hitting the Target Audience:
    Keeping Up with Market Trends
  • Reworking the Start Up
  • Beyond the Bottom Line:
    Running a Non-Profit in a For-Profit World
  • Creative Collaborations: What Works?
  • Universal Visions: International Arts Management
  • Art 101: Learn the Language
  • Keynote Speaker: Adrian Ellis



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