Music to my eyes and ears!

Hello music, where have you been all my life? | In-debt, Fat, Short with Bad Teeth.

I was initially drawn to this post by its reference to music.  A satirical rendition of the author’s life unfolds, outlining a series of experiences and periods of artistic exploration.  The author admits to avoiding music, citing some of the most commonly held notions about musical practice – it would be too costly, too difficult, or it would require too much mental effort to be worth doing.  I had begun to lose hope for the future of musical participation.  About two-thirds of the way through the post, however, these three lines proved my own notion to be very wrong:

“And so now, after 33 years of dodging the musical bullet. I’ve finally entered into the world of music.

And I love it.”

A grin spread across my face and I found myself happy for and proud of this person whom I had never met.  This may seem cliché, but that’s the power of music.

Music has this uncanny ability to connect people across the world, to communicate thoughts and emotions without a single word, to move people, and to make change.  Today happens to be the kick off to the 25th annual, Arts Advocacy Day, and this author’s experience with music provides a perfect example of why music and the arts are essential to living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.  Whether you enjoy banging on pots and pans or practice more formally, I hope you find yourself participating in the arts today and enjoying the power of music!

Also, please share what first drew you to music and/or participation in the arts and what keeps you coming back to it.  Thanks for your thoughts!


What are your thoughts?

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