What’s in a name…mezzaphonically speaking?

I was recently asked about the meaning behind the name of my blog, so I thought I would write a post about it, in case others are curious.

“Mezzaphonically Speaking” is a symbolic play on words that I came up with to represent critical aspects of my life and passions with this new blog.  The name is based on the figure of speech, “metaphorically speaking.”  A metaphor is something the conveys meaning in a representative or symbolic way.  I have found metaphors to be very powerful and relevant learning tools in my own education and when I teach students.

  • Mezza – Italian for half voice; used as a direction in music to sing with about half vocal power; also used in Italian cuisine (Mezzaluna pasta)
  • Phonic – relating to speech sounds; polyphony in music is used to describe music composed of multiple, relatively independent melodic parts
  • Speaking – to say something; convey information, an opinion, or feeling

How does this all relate?  Well, I am passionate about music and music education, express myself using sound (flute playing and speech), and I have begun to share my thoughts, feelings, and ideas about culture, the arts, and various aspects of society with this blog.  I also love to cook Italian food, honoring my family heritage (on my mother’s side, at least).  Overall, “Mezzaphonically Speaking” is a mixture of meaningful, cultural symbolism representing my background and interests in education, music, life, and the arts.  I hope it inspires people to think about the various aspects of their lives contributing to who and what they are…metaphorically speaking, of course. 😉


5 thoughts on “What’s in a name…mezzaphonically speaking?

  1. Haha, I love your comment! Perhaps when I reach a certain number of posts, the blog name will be mysteriously upgraded. I guess readers will have to keep coming back to see if it changes. 😉

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