The Yellow Dogs – Iranian Rock Band with Passion for Music and Desire to Tour

Help Send The Yellow Dogs on a World Tour! | eMusic News & Features.

The Yellow Dogs, the latest eMusic Selects band, struggled for years in Iran and eventually escaped to play music in America.  They want to sing in English so everyone in the world can understand their music.

Rock music is illegal in Iran because it supposedly goes against Islam.  Bands that get caught are fined and sent to jail.  Members of the Yellow Dogs band had to soundproof the walls and keep their music absolutely secret.  When they performed, someone would keep watch and people attending the show had to hide their cars.  The parents of The Yellow Dogs have never even seen them play.

eMusic has partnered with RocketHub to help raise the funds that The Yellow Dogs need to go on tour.  RocketHub has offered to match the first $1,500 in donations received.  The overall goal of the campaign is $15,000 and $530 has been raised so far.  Click here to see how you can help or if you just want to learn more:


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