This provides a wonderful spotlight on creativity, social media & technology, and audience engagement within symphony performance, featuring the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.


I. Baltimore Symphony Orchestra


The BSO performs a yearlong series of concerts presented in both Baltimore and Bethesda, Maryland. There are a variety of concerts ranging from the typical classical concerts to holiday programming, special performances and multimedia symphonic concerts. The classical concerts attract a specific type of audience, mainly an affluent older crowd (average BSO patron is age 55). The majority of the crowd knows their favorite classical music pieces and utilizes the classical symphony concerts as a form of socialization. The challenge to the BSO is to make certain concerts, such as the multimedia symphonies, appealing and affordable to a much younger demographic.

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra will focus on a social media campaign to increase the attendance of younger audiences at a special multimedia symphony performance in the 2011-2012 Season. As there are several multimedia performances I will choose one, the Voices of Light – The…

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