The Future of Classical Music?

The Future of Classical Music?: Greg Sandow performs a book-in-progress….

I am so excited to know that influential teachers, thinkers, speakers, and musicians, such as Greg Sandow, are addressing change within the world symphony orchestras and classical music.  Change that has occurred over time, change that is currently happening, and change that needs to happen in order for a future to even exist.  What seems to be stagnant, however, is the presentation and programming of classical orchestra performances.  Or at least, this is the commonly held perception and expectation of many would-be concert goers.

As a young person who loves classical music and symphony orchestras, as well as teaching, performing, and learning about music, culture, and the arts, I aim to inspire and challenge young minds to experience and create musical expression.  That being said, I am interested in identifying symphony orchestras that are forging a path for the future of classical music, effectively engaging (attracting, exciting) the Millennial generation in innovative and exciting ways.  I plan to create a series of case studies documenting the successes of various symphony orchestras (refreshing!), highlighting the ways in which these orchestras are cultivating a new concert experience and a new, younger audience that will carry the art form and the passion for classical music and symphony orchestras into the future.

I look forward to meeting with Mr. Sandow and discussing his thoughts, views, and experiences on this subject.  His new book, which will be known as Rebirth: The Future of Classical Music, will certainly be interesting to read! (Did anyone just get the urge to grab their phone and Tweet about this?)

Tweet #classicalmusic or #symphonyorch to @CStarek to chat more! 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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