Meet Itzhak Perlman’s Young and Exciting Classical Protégé

Hahn-Bin made his international debut at the age of twelve, performing at the 42nd Grammy Awards in an event honoring Isaac Stern.  Studying under the famed violinist, Itzhak Perlman at The Julliard School of Music, Hahn-Bin has since made his debut at Carnegie Hall, receiving the Peter Marino Concert Prize in 2009 for his first-place win in the Young Concert Artists International Auditions.  He performs in a way that not only showcases and respects the beauty, expression, and technical intricacies of the art-form, but also engages audiences in an emotionally moving experience.  Embodying the “renaissance of classical music,” Hahn-Bin* continues to inspire and amaze audiences around the world in a dynamic, virtuosic display of emotionally stirring musical performance.

*Note: Hahn-Bin  has changed his name to Amadeus Leopold (publicly announced on Aug 28, 2012).


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