Spice Up Your Image Strategy

Drew McManus, the “orchestra insider” and author of www.adaptistration.com, has made a cry for change, asking for anything but “blah” in arts management photography.  His post, “Let’s Get Rid of Blah Arts Manager Photos Once and For All,” prompted me to come up with a list of ideas for more engaging images of arts managers and symphony orchestras/musicians.

photo by Christian Colberg

Bo Li, Acting Assistant Principal

Questions for readers:

  1. How is your arts organization engaging patrons/donors with photography?
  2. Have you established an image strategy?  Why or why not?
  3. Are there arts organizations in your community or otherwise that you think are doing a good job with arts manager and musician photos?

Here are my thoughts for getting rid of “blah arts manager photos once and for all.”

  • Links to photographer websites that have great arts manager photos (or even applicable corporate exec images).
  • Explain why you think the image(s) are appealing.
    • They’re fun, creative, and provide insight into the musicians’ personalities and lifestyles
  • Explain what you think would make an exciting and captivating arts manager photo/portrait.
    • Photography that shows arts managers enjoying what they are doing, interacting with musicians, actors, dancers, poets, etc., and provide other interesting insights into their lives and work – behind the scenes, office fun, (appropriate) personal quirks, etc.
  • What sort of message do you think an arts manager photo/portrait should project?
    • Light-hearted, approachable individuals
    • Passion for the art form
    • Fun and engaging work
  • If money wasn’t an object, how would you stage an arts manager photoshoot?
    • Sky diving with symphony hall below
    • Themed (e.g. masquerade ball, introspective, hobbies, around the office, etc.)
      photo by Christian Colberg

      Richard Field, Principal Viola



      How would you “fix” arts photography?


One thought on “Spice Up Your Image Strategy

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