Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life (Picture + Story)

Fresh beets at the weekly USDA Farmer’s Market.

The USDA Farmer’s Market opens every Friday outside the Smithsonian – my new place of work.  I had unfortunately missed it last week, so my office-mate and I made sure we were prepared for today!  Emerging on the Mall with our extra-large tote bags, we were greeted by the aroma of sweet and buttery popcorn and wandered over (a bit faster now) to the tented community of local vendors.

Since it was my first time there (not to mention my first visit ever to a farmer’s market in DC!), my colleague took me on a brief tour.  We browsed among the fresh produce, pickled foods, jams, herb plants, natural soaps, meats, and cheeses, before we were drawn in by a spread of french breads and pastries.  We treated ourselves to a chocolate croissant and I picked out a fresh loaf of bread.  We moved on to the next table, the source of that alluring scent, featuring an impressive array of both sweet and savory kettle-cooked popcorn.  Armed with a bag of cinnamon kettlecorn, cheddar popcorn, and the new, cheddar bacon ranch variety, we decided it was time to get going and hoofed it back to the office with our delicious treasures.

I think it’s wonderful that we have a farmer’s marketing right in our “backyard.”  Members of the community have a source of fresh food, a social gathering place, and opportunity to connect with local farmers.  I got to see raw beets (picture above) for the first time today and I thought they were beautiful and delightfully purple.  It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go back next week!

Have you had a similar experience in your community?  What are the farmer’s markets like in your area?  Do you have a special story that you would like to share?

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24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life (Picture + Story)

  1. Aren’t beets beautiful? I love them. Buy some, roast them, slice when warm and put goat cheese on top of them. Shred them raw, with carrots for a salad. Shred, add bit of flour, egg, rosemary & salt and cook like a potato pancake. Lots more ways to enjoy that beautiful beet color — which will stain temporarily your hands, napkins, and countertops but so worth it! One of my favorite things at farmers’ markets this time of year.

    • They really are beautiful. I enjoy cooking and all of your ideas sound so delicious. Seeing the beets makes me think of my late grandmother too – she was a great cook and frequently incorporated beets into meals.

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  3. I am very lucky to have access to a wide-variety of fresh produce where I live in coastal Ecuador. The vendors’ displays in town are so beautiful! How lucky for you to have that market so close to your place of work! (and what a great place to work!)

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    • A farmer’s market is a place (typically in an urban area) where local farmers bring their products and crops to sell to others. It offers the community a selection of fresh, locally produced foods, and the farmers a chance to build relationships and awareness of their business.

      The dictionary defines a “market” as – a regular gathering of people for the purchase and sale of provisions, livestock, and other commodities : “farmers going to market”; an open space or covered building where vendors convene to sell their goods.

      Farmer’s markets are typically held only once a week, predominantly during the summer months (although, there are winter markets that are moved indoors too). Otherwise, people usually have to go to the store to buy food, which may be shipped from all over the country.

      What kind of crops do you typically see at Indonesian markets? : )

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