Farmer’s Market Round 2!

Last Friday, I made my very first visit to a farmer’s market in DC…better late than never, right?

The USDA’s (or U.S. Department of Agriculture’s) Farmer’s Market is conveniently, and so temptingly, situated just one block away from the Smithsonian.  Many of you – Albadr Nasution, pix & kardz, suburbanferndaleark, Playamart – Zeebra Designs, and Anne Camilleshared your thoughts and had farmer’s market stories of your own.  I enjoyed hearing about your experiences and wanted to share my second visit with all of you!

Suited with my bright-blue League of American Orchestras tote bag from the Essentials Seminar in 2011, I made a bee-line for one of the veggie stands with a colleague from the studio arts programming dept at TSA (The Smithsonian Associates).  She loaded up on Chinese eggplant and fresh green beans, while I surveyed the produce.

I had recently gotten together with some of my girlfriends from school for a night of homemade tacos, salsa, and rice.  The hostess and cook used fresh cilantro in her meal, adding a distinctive flavor to the dish.  When I emerged from this mini flashback, I discovered bundles of cilantro tucked in the back corner of another produce stand.  Inspired, I selected a modest, healthy-looking bunch.  Here’s what I decided to make for dinner after work that evening:

Farmer's market cilantro

Shrimp quesadilla with cilantro and grilled onions

On my way to the cash register, I spotted a container filled with sweet potatoes of all shapes and sizes.  With images of sweet potato soufflé and Thanksgiving dinner in mind, I chose a medium sized sweet potato from the top of the pile and went to pay for my items.  The sweet potato didn’t make it into a soufflé, but I did enjoy it mashed with brown sugar!  Here is my dinner from tonight:

Turkey burger with onion and garlic and a side of mashed sweet potatoes with brown sugar

The mashed sweet potatoes were fluffy and delicious and my homemade turkey burger turned out to be shaped like a heart!  How could I not thoroughly enjoy this meal?

The farmer’s market has become a place that fosters friendships, tasty food, and plenty of fun.  Next weekend is my birthday and I already know what to look for when I return on Friday – I plan to celebrate with Uptown Bakery’s yummy chocolate-filled croissant!

What are some of your favorite dishes to eat or create?  Do they hold special meaning to you?  Please enjoy and feel free to share! : )


10 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Round 2!

  1. Ok.. you’re getting to me now.. one thing that i really really miss here, are the deep orange sweet potatoes! we have ‘sweet potatoes,’ but they are an anemic bland white with purple variegated swirls of color. you have found a treasure right there where you work! buen provecho! Z

  2. how fun! cilantro used to be something i avoided as much as possible, until i had it in a fresh salsa consisting also of freshly cubed tomatoes and diced onions. that one made me change my mind. sweet potatoes are also a favourite of mine. thank you for sharing your market adventures!
    thank you also for including the link to my blog. much appreciated! 🙂 have a great week.

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