A Millennial’s Milestone

My blog turned 100 recently –  reaching post #100 really – and I wanted to celebrate it with you!

Last May, I invited others to share their thoughts and feelings about why the arts matter – it’s never too late to join the discussion!  From your responses, I made a Wordle creation and shared your insights and ideas on my blog.  I thought it would be fun to create another Wordle image for my 101st post.  It draws from my latest post, “I took my nine-year-old-daughter to the opera, and she loved it,” and from my blog as a whole.

Thanks for following, commenting, reading, liking, sharing, and visiting my blog (however you choose to connect or interact, I appreciate it).

Fun Facts:
Visitors: From 80 different countries!
Busiest day: April 14, 2012 – Two subjects (my blog was only 2 weeks old!)
2nd most popular: Spice up your image strategy
Sweetest post: Super Sweet Blogging Award
One of my favs: The Millennials’ Orchestra

I look forward to sharing and growing over the next 100 posts!!


5 thoughts on “A Millennial’s Milestone

    • Thank you for sharing! I had so much fun watching this and I’m happy you did too! It’s truly a wonderful video. (and even greater reinforcement to add music to my parenting techniques when I have children.)

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