Inside The Smithsonian Associates

Catherine Starek

Catherine Starek is serving as an intern with the Smithsonian Associates this fall, she writes about her experience so far here…

Working as the E-Marketing Intern for The Smithsonian Associates (TSA) has been a challenging and rewarding experience.  It is our job in the E-Marketing department to promote all that TSA has to offer and facilitate sales in support of the mission.  We work to foster greater awareness of individual programs, reinforce the Smithsonian brand, and establish trust and excitement among new and loyal patrons.
To this end, I have had to learn how to effectively navigate and use the web-based program known as WordFly, an integrative “digital communication platform,”  to create and launch TSA email campaigns.  I have also been involved in various viral (social media) and guerrilla (reaching outside the database) marketing efforts.  From email campaigns, to tracking sales, and customer retention efforts, I feel that I am making a difference and learning valuable skills.
Between my experiences in E-Marketing at TSA, in the Roundtable Discussion with Mark Babbitt through Smithsonian OFI, informational interviews, and other internal events, my internship has given me the opportunity to learn, expand my awareness and understanding of best practices in the field, as well as enhance my practical, professional, and personal skills within arts management.  My TSA internship has helped me to further clarify my interests and strengths and provide guidance towards my future career.

What are your thoughts?

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