Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign (Photo/Story)

First robots and now a shrink ray! What will the Smithsonian think of next?! Hehe, well, my imagination may be getting the best of me, but seeing this mini model of the Stonehenge Soaphenge was certainly attention-grabbing.

On my weekly trip to the USDA Farmer’s Market (located on the National Mall), I passed by the Union Street Soapworks stand and did a double-take when I saw a mini Stonehenge Soaphenge on the display table.  How creative and unique!  The soaps’ perfumes were delicate and pungent, depending on the combination of ingredients (e.g. olive oil, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, rose, orange, pine, coconut, and even beer).  I had never seen so many varieties of handcrafted soaps.

Another “foreign” aspect of this visit relates to location.  While in middle school, I did a research project on Ireland and the UK for my world history class.  I have wanted to go there ever since to see the sites and beautiful landscapes for myself.  One day, I hope the UK will not be foreign, and will instead serve as (offer) points of reflection on time spent abroad.  Who knows…maybe someday it (will) become my home?


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