Metro Musicals: Getting Creative with Urban Sounds (VIDEO)

Young musicians in Paraguay, South America make beautiful music with a collection of unconventional instruments.  Colá, a local professor, transforms aluminum and other discarded materials into respectable, recycled symphony orchestra instruments.  The idea for this magnificent initiative comes from Maestro Szarán.  The orchestra’s educational offerings have expanded to include this innovative instrument building program, ultimately improving the emotional and intellectual well-being of these young musicians and overall cleanliness of the community.

Metro Sounds:
Another example of urban musical creativity comes from the mechanical clatter emitted by the DC Metro.

Listen to the escalator engines’ meditative rhythm, cool and even like a sleeping drum machine. Listen to the impatient patter of human footsteps quietly rebelling against the escalator’s master tempo.

Even if Metro ever gets all of its escalators running this smoothly, they’ll never lose their secret music. We’ll only have to listen more carefully.

Can you remix the Metro?
The Washington Post’s Pop Music Blog – Click Track – challenged readers to remix the sounds of the Metro’s aging escalators in Washington, DC.

The Accidental Music of Imperfect Escalators on SoundCloud captures the unique musical experience:

Chris Richards is a music critic for the Washington Post, and after years of ignoring the wailing and screeching of the much maligned, often broken escalators in the DC Metro, he began to hear them in a new way. He began to hear them as music.

Share your urban music experiences:
What and where are urban sounds creating music in your community?
What other examples or ideas would you like to recommend or explore?

I look forward to hearing your stories.  Please share your comments below!


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