Metro Musicals II: Capturing Everyday Life (…in a bottle) – VIDEO

Last week, I wrote about the ingenious and resourceful initiative fueling the Land-fillharmonic, as well as SoundCloud’s remix challenge involving Metro sounds in Washington, D.C.  I used these projects to exemplify creative and musical applications of urban sounds.

What if you could capture your life in a bottle, what would it sound like?  Now there’s a way to find out!

Daily life – what would that sound like?
Tokyo-based design student Jun Fujiwara has created a bottle with the ability to capture and remix ordinary sounds with the pop and plug of a cork.  Introducing the Re:Sound Bottle (pictured below)!

How is this possible? How does it work?

Fujiwara’s the Re:Sound Bottle captures everyday noises, remixing the various sounds into a different song every time the bottle is opened. (It) imagines everyday interaction with the noises around us, turning them into an auditory record of our day. Instead of passively listening — and not paying attention — to the mundane noises around us, Fujiwara transforms listening into an interactive experience.

Click here to learn more about the Re:Sound Bottle‘s hands-on recording/playback process.

More about the inventor
Jun Fujiwara was awarded the Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award 2012 for the Re:Sound Bottle and received the Naoki Sakai Prize.


What are your thoughts?

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