Make Time to Make Money – TRG Arts

  1. 250 signed up for this afternoon’s webinar! Are you one of them? There’s still time to register–we’ll start at 2 ET
  2. 250 signed up for this afternoon’s webinar! Are you one of them? There’s still time to register–we’ll start at 2 ET
  3. #trgrx Webinar starts in 1 hour (2 EDT)! Get TRG’s take on balancing time & priorities: #auddev #artsadmin
  4. Welcome to all now online for the @TRGArts webinar “Make Time to Make Money”. The hashtag is #trgrx – looking forward to chatting!
  5. Data, knowledge, solutions, results for arts organizations in the US and abroad @TRGArts #trgrx
  6. Reviewing “Top of Mind 2013” results @TRGArts — Conclusion: (The arts) need to refocus on what gets results… #trgrx
  7. The next hour, @TRGArts prescription for “Taking Time to Make Money” #trgrx
  8. Get organized and take the time to prioritize your work #trgrx
  9. And @ricklestertrg takes the stage on the #trgrx webinar. He says “stop doing everything.”
  10. Consider your patrons, analyze your revenue sources, etc. then use your priorities as a framework going forward #trgrx
  11. Best advice in a webinar, ever: stop doing everything. I wish I could. #trgrx
  12. Create a “stop doing this” list — analyze your activities and results, tailor your to-do list, motivate your colleagues #bigpicture #trgrx
  13. Choose sustainability re: programs for future growth #trgrx
  14. Goal: sustainable income for orgs long-term future #trgrx
  15. Sticky, high-value patron relationships through deeper engagement and coordinated, focused arts management #trgrx
  16. Make time… #trgrx It’s subs renewal time, Do I even have time to do this webinar?! 🙂 OF COURSE!
  17. Your work effects everybody! Think about all departments, reconnect with donors, engage with volunteers #trgrx
  18. Agreed! Time to prioritize prioritzing!! RT @SaraMKelly: Best advice in a webinar, ever: stop doing everything. I wish I could. #trgrx
  19. Personal (& ideally, organizational) mantra — Good data in, good data out #trgrx
  20. @TRGArts Thanks for all the RTs! Enjoying the webinar so far 🙂 #trgrx
  21. Develop an #actionplan that reflects your priorities, based on what’s required for your org to succeed and sustain arts over lng term #trgrx
  22. “Data analysis generated ~ 60% improvement…” #trgrx
  23. .@ricklestertrg: “you don’t have to be an IT person to know what’s going on with your data”
  24. Good leaders need to be brave, but also focused, because there is distraction everywhere. #trgrx
  25. Change is difficult…embrace stewardship and be a brave, brave leader #trgrx
  26. It’s hard, but it is also possible. Change is evolutionary. Change takes time. Have confidence and trust that you’re on right path #trgrx
  27. Be a brave leader. Stop doing everything. Steward clean data smartly. Get results. #trgrx
  28. Facts and data do INDEED provide a better picture and provide correct view of past. No more anecdotal driven decisions. #trgrx
  29. What do you do if your focus, your messages aren’t supported? #trgrx
  30. Does your org have a number to galvanize around? With that clarity, your decisions become easier! #trgrx
  31. Understand your revenue sources and their impact on your organization. #trgrx
  32. Mission has to be #experienced – engage staff in conversation on importance and relevance of your patrons #trgrx
  33. Patrons are not just marketing, not just development. They are part of your mission. #trgrx
  34. #understand — so much involved in this one word (awareness, analysis, priorities, direction, mission) #trgrx
  35. implementation driven by data and tied to revenue streams; relevance and impact #trgrx
  36. Audience development vs. patron management – understand the differences and build objectives and budget around it #trgrx
  37. Biggest takeaway from #trgrx Use Data to inform building and supporting the Patron list.
  38. Arts organizations don’t need new audiences, we need more repeat audiences #trgrx
  39. @TRGArts #Question: How can symphony orchestras most effectively engage Millennial generation audiences/donors on a long-term basis? #trgrx
  40. Thank you for this empowering and informative webinar! #trgrx
  41. Really enjoyed the #TRGRX webinar today. Esp. like the advice to plan & invest in every campaign like you do a subscription campaign.
  42. Surprise! “No arts organization needs new audiences.” Keeping audiences coming back has the higest ROI. #TRGRX
  43. Getting the #trgrx webinar recording together & re-listening… @ricklestertrg & @jrobinsontrg did a great job!
  44. Thanks! Glad you could make it! MT @emadram: Really enjoyed the #TRGRX webinar. Esp. the advice to invest in every campaign like sub camp…
  45. @TRGArts You’re welcome. Thanks for a great webinar!
  46. @TRGArts Thanks to great #trgrx hosts! @ricklestertrg
    @jrobinsontrg I appreciate the follow-up and Tweet shout out.

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