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Who says classical music is dead?

I was curious about how many people were thinking and talking about classical music online, so I did a search for the term using a new tool that I discovered on #Twitter.  As of 8 o’clock (EDT) this morning, the Twitter hashtag #classicalmusic had made roughly 70,000 impressions, reaching more than 47,000 followers within the past 24 hours.  (Click on the links for definitions or to learn more.)

As I gear up for my master’s capstone project, I find myself increasingly interested in learning how people perceive and value classical music (especially within the symphony orchestra setting).  I would love to hear your stories!

  • Do you think Classical music is dead?
  • What would you change about symphony orchestras, symphony concerts, and/or the symphony experience?
  • Is there a classical music performance that was particularly memorable for that you would like to share?